We have acquired a piano to replace the keyboard previously used by musicians who were unfamiliar with the organ. The Eavestaff Pianette which is in very good condition will, hopefully, be an asset at Church services. It was formally introduced to the congregation at an IN-TUNE COFFEE MORNINGon Saturday 27th May with a musical programme devised and hosted by our dedicated Choir Leader, Katharine Barber, who warmly welcomed everyone to the event before inviting Val to bless the piano and its use in the church, which she did in fine style. Val followed the blessing by playing a solo piece Le Coucou’ by Daquin, a timely recognition of calls of the cuckoo in Maytime.

There followed a Fashion Showof hymns. The audience sang two verses from each hymn using word sheets kindly provided by Ken Michie who introduced his choice of three hymns popular many years ago but rarely sung at the present time “Tell me the old, old story, “Jesus bids us Shine” and When we walk with the Lordfollowed by a solo March Religieusefrom the opera Alceste” which he played effectively at a slow and stately pace.

Next, we jumped to the 1980s with Katharine playing three hymns popular then, but which have fallen out of usePraise Him”, “Kym bay ah” and Give me oil in my lamp. Katharine ended her presentation with the gentle and lyrical “To a Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell.

To round off the programme Eileen Cawthorne chose hymns which have stood the test of time and are never out of fashion – “O love that wilt not let me go, Blessing and honour” and Who would true valour see” before concluding with a solo – the beautiful Petite Litanes de Jesu” by Gabriel Grovlez.

The musicians took a well-deserved bow and Violet warmly thanked Katharine on behalf of the congregation for creating the programme as well as all four of the musicians for giving their time and talent to support what was a very enjoyable, successful, and worthwhile event. Violet also expressed thanks to Agnes and her team for the sumptuous treat of cakes and coffee they provided for everyone to enjoy. There was no charge for the event but £200 was raised by donation for Katharines chosen charity Mercy Ships.