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Many thanks to all of you who collected stamps to be sent to the CrossReach charity. CrossReach will stop accepting stamps at the end of January/beginning of February at the latest as their stamp man, Robert Murray, is retiring. However, any stamps that you collect and pass to Jean Reid or Jim Logan after this date will be sent to another charity (details later).

How stamps generate income for CrossReach

All of the stamps and collectables are collected by Robert to be valued. Several things can then happen: Bulk stamps of little value are sold by weight where CrossReach gets a certain amount per kilo. Stamps of value are evaluated to see whether they would generate more sale in an auction or by being sold in the shop. Some enter a monthly auction and others are sold in Robert’s local shop in Inverleith Gardens. This also applies to collectables.

For items sold in the shop CrossReach are given the value upfront, so even if they don’t sell the charity still benefits.